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Dr. Ted Lain Talks About “Multi-Moisturizing”, the New Trend in Skin Care

Dr. Ted Lain Talks About Multi-Moisturizing

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The question is,

Are there other products that you should satisfy in certain areas of your face, especially if you have a mixed skin type?

It is common for people with oily or mixed skin who can use moisturizing or soothing properties in areas such as their cheeks and decontaminating properties in their T-zone (consists of your forehead, nose, and chin). However, everyone can participate, and it’s just a great way to tackle multiple skin problems at once.

Zoey Deutch shared her acne-prone skin routine and uses two different moisturizers on her face:

one, a moisturizing formula for the upper half, and two, a specific formula for acne on her jaw. This, in addition to a combination of other steps, helps keep your hormonal acne under control.

To find out if Multi-Moisturizing or the use of different moisturizers in different areas of the face is a real benefit, we chose certified dermatologist Dr. Ted Lain, MD, of Sanova Dermatology to tell us what he thinks.

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Dr. Ted Lain said “I am fine with people who use more than one moisturizer, but don’t think there is a need”.

The reason why he doesn’t commend it is that he doesn’t think it is necessary; not that there’s anything wrong with that. “We know that people with acne have a problem with their skin’s barrier function. They need moisturizers to protect their skin from the environment, as a person with dry and sensitive skin would do,” said Dr. Lain. “Therefore, the use of a mild moisturizer on the entire face is perfectly suitable for acne sufferers.”

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“Since different areas of the face have different properties, such as oil production, skin thickness and tendency to acne or other skin disorders, it makes sense to use masks for the different areas,” said Dr. Lain. In his opinion, “Multi-Masking is more appropriate than Multi-Moisturizing”.

In particular, people with skin prone to acne should look for a moisturizer that doesn’t clog the pores (Non-comedogenic). Another possible mistake that you should avoid if you tend to break out are the scents.

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Dr. Ted Lain Recommendation

If you want to try Multi-Moisturizing, Dr. Lain recommends the use of a product formulated with salicylic acid or alpha hydroxy acid for areas prone to acne and a soothing formula for the rest of the face. However, he doesn’t think you have to either. “I think moisturizers should be used because of their barrier repair and moisturizing properties,” said Dr. Save money and find a good moisturizer for your skin, he added.

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