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dangerous lies netflix thriller


The New Netflix Thriller “Dangerous Lies” Appears to be a Mixture of Riverdale and Knives Out.

The Netflix movie titled Dangerous Lies starring Camila Mendes appears to be a mix of Riverdale and Knives Out. Mendes plays the Netflix’s film as Katie Franklin, who takes care of an old man on his Chicago property and Betty Cooper would also be part of this whole story.

Camila Mendes who is 25 years old and was nominated for MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss. She is seen in the TV show Riverdale as Veronica Lodge which started in 2017.dangerous lies netflix thriller

However, Netflix’s new Dangerous Lies trailer exudes a great knives Out vibe. Netflix dropped the trailer for Dangerous Lies on Monday 13th, with Camila Mendes as Katie Franklin, a caregiver to a wealthy older man named Leonard, who dies in custody after only four months. Doesn’t this seem familiar to you?

Unexpectedly, Leonard calls Katie the only heir to his huge estate. However, luck is on the ropes, especially when a mysterious man shows up in the door of Katie’s new home and pretends to be a real estate agent and pulls her into a dangerous trap of lies and murders.

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“If she survives, she has to question all motives, including the people she loves.” When I looked at the trailer, I almost expected Chris Evans to show up in a cream colored knit sweater and a mischievous smile.

 The thriller is to Premiere on April 30th, 2020.

Based on the trailer. Before you think you already know how this film will end, think again. Based on the trailer, Dangerous Lies is definitely full of unique twists.

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