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4-year-old boy killed by two wild dogs in South Africa

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According to reports, the attack that ended the life of Milani Keke took place in Gugulethu, Cape Town, in South Africa.

The attack happened when Milani tried to pull his rugby ball out of the next door which was closer to the dog kennel while playing with his friends outside.


His mother, Nothemba Keke, said she was inside the house when she heard her daughter screaming that her brother was being attacked by dogs.

“I was here at home when I heard my daughter screaming, ‘Mommy is coming out, Milani is being attacked by dogs. ‘I ran outside and one attacked him from behind while the other barked and ran around him. I ran and tried to jump over the fence to save him, but a neighbor grabbed me and pulled me back, ‘ she said.

‘I do not like to talk about it. Even now I do not feel like talking; we are upset and we are still shocked, ” she added.

Sergeant Noloyiso Rwexana, who happens to be the spokesperson for the police, confirmed the case and said the force had investigated the incident.

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She said;

A coroner’s case has been investigated by Gugulethu police after a 4-year-old boy in New York 50 died after being attacked in the garden by two dogs while fetching a ball.

“The circumstances surrounding this incident are being investigated by the police, and so far no arrests have been made.”

Ward councilor Sharon Manata said the Gugulethu community was traumatized and grieving with the family.

“Some people are very angry. You ask yourself, in these four-room houses we have that cause someone to have such angry dogs?

‘We do not have a large yard, this innocent child was just playing in the garden of his house and accidentally dropped the ball in the next door.


‘This child was not even in the yard of these dogs, but they dragged him from the fence. We cry with the family, cry with the mother who is traumatized by seeing her child being looted by the dogs. Truly, as a community, we are crushed, ‘ she said.

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