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Comedian Alibaba reveals where Nigeria’s education system is rotting


Nigerian stand-up comedian Alibaba said the Nigerian education system had started to decay since the day they stopped repeating courses they failed.

According to Alibaba, this is the reason why there is an increase in the number of half-baked graduates in the workforce.


Read the article below;

“I graduated. The education system in Nigeria started to rot from the day they stopped repeating their failed courses. As if that wasn’t enough damage, they made matters worse when they started adding some promoted to the track. Now that the consequences have rocked these graduates, many who have found their way into the teaching profession and, by virtue of that position, would now be responsible for teaching the next generation of undergraduates, students and undergraduates. They are now going to claim, first class, 21 22 waiting for the mo to deserve even 5.1 Now you see why companies employ and retrain staff because the quality of the graduate has dropped beyond pity.

Some can’t even tie 2 crippled sentences together to limp to one sentence. Now tell me how they’re now going to come and go and find out what satire, irony, and all their other cousins ​​are. I have attended interviews and marvel at how HR experts take all loopholes like its pedestrian. Don’t even talk about understanding an understanding. Cest na pa compra vouz (whatever).

This is why many of these enter the public service. During this time, the civil service is supposed to be the engine of the execution by the government of its executive responsibilities.

We wonder why we graduated half-baked. Speak now, someone will say English is not our mother tongue. Abeg, which of our native languages ​​was used for textbooks in chemistry, physics, economics, literature, mathematics, history and more? Back then, if you read, sociology, psychology, history, fine arts, psychology, history, fine arts. philosophy, you were considered graduates of the humanities and you can adapt anywhere. Today, hmmm what do I know.

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