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Graphic designer drags Lilo over unpaid services


An angry graphic designer called out Ex-BBNaija housemate, Lilo Aderogba because he refused to pay him after rendering his services to her brand.Graphic designer drags Lilo


According to the graphic designer identified as Enitan, with the Twitter handle @Bolu_Temi, the reality star who was a housemate in the most recent BBNaija Lockdown issue involved his services but offered to tag his social media handle instead of paying him.

Graphic designer drags Lilo

Problems started after Lilo wanted to make a give away by offering to pay for an N20k dress a lady wanted to buy.

Graphic designer drags Lilo

Enitan then complained to her for showing “online kindness” while refusing to pay him for his services.

Graphic designer drags Lilo

He wrote in a long Twitter thread; ‘But you could not pay for the work I did for you.
Celebrities and this public exhibition is fun. You and your brand are evil!


I know it might not even blow up because I have very few fans, but I’ll just call a few sensible people I noticed here @SMiTHiE___ @ Shawnifee @ SavvyRinu Your retweets will contribute a lot to raising awareness of the hoe of some of these so-called celebrities.

August last year I posted Lilo on Twitter here to get a graphic designer Job in her team because I really saw that she is not short and needs one. Fastfoward, she replied and told me to send my portfolio to her post which I did.
I knew she was going to be really busy …

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It was just like a few weeks after she left home. She replied after a week or so, and I started talking to someone in her team and she told me that they just want to try me because they have so many other people trying to secure the position in the team, so they give me a test. .

They told me to make a design of a brand she was working on, and what Lilo did, and Lilo really enjoyed and approved of it.
I was really excited because I’m just a student and just trying to make money, and I put so much effort into designing to just secure a place …

A whole design ffs, I only had about 2 hours or more. Lol I quickly ran down to go buy fuel and started designing. I submitted it a few minutes after 12pm because she was reviewing it and changes had to be made. Sent it to her, got no feedback, but just went to her Instagram page and saw it.

That was what I cared about, as I had not yet talked about payment.
She arrived again, she wanted to introduce Adire t-shirts, I made designs for them and sent them, her PA said she approved them, and she posted them.
After completing the Adire project she named through LILO ADR …

I want to mark on Instagram that Lilo asked for my IG handle so they would mark my handles if I designed them. I told them as much as I wanted to reach a larger audience, I spent money and even put a lot of effort into these projects and I got paid.

They stopped replying to all my messages after constantly using my designs and not paying me a penny!
Mehn I felt really bad, I was off, I had to stay up all night to get the list of winners to make the design. Night after night, my efforts, my money spend everything for IG tags ?!

Just because I’m an emerging brand does not mean you should use my hard work and not pay for it. I really hope I am heard and I get justice fr.
Some of these celebrities do this to emerging brands, and it’s really bad. All of you who do this must get it right!

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You use my designs to reach your audience to search for your clothes, and you use my designs on your fanpage run by your PA.
I do not intend to bring down your brand, but I felt miserable because I could not get it right for months! I could not find other evidence. ”

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