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” He turned his back on me after I lost our baby, and I became depressed ” – Kunle exclaims from the Nigerian lady


A lady who was left sad by her lover after losing her child due to complications took to her social media page to tell her sad story.


She said she initially did not want to keep the pregnancy, but her lover who she identified as Kunle insisted she would keep it.

But along the way, complications caused her to undergo premature surgery to give birth to the child, but it was not enough as the baby died, and this was the beginning of the rejection she experienced through Kunle.

Read her story below;

I was away 2 months before I found out I was pregnant. Personally, I was not willing to be a mother, so I decided to abort the child, but thought it good to let him know because he has the right to know. Surprisingly, the news got him excited and he insisted that we keep the baby. He met my people and we arranged a family introduction ceremony and also planned to get married properly as soon as the baby was born and I moved in with him. He was wonderful, just like during the three years of our courtship. In the third trimester of my pregnancy I had preeclampsia, which was very severe and I was registered in different hospitals. The best hospital was near my mother, so I had to move in with my mother again, and it was during the lockdown so that my baby Dad could not come to visit us.

I went through hell and almost died. I was supposed to deliver on April 28, but I had to save the baby, and I underwent surgery in March, but the baby could not get it right yet because the water in my uterus had already dried out. When my baby Daddy came here, he was not happy, probably because I gave birth through an operation or because the baby died. He left the same day without first asking about the bills and never came back. My mom took care of everything and since then it has been one family problem for another.

He refused to let me go back to his house and said he did not want me anymore. When I realized it was all about the baby, I got depressed. When I see my reflection in the mirror, I look at the scar on my stomach, I can go back in time. My mother went all the way to his family to talk to them, but he turned his back on me. But yeah, it’s fine with me now, it’s been months and I picked up the pieces of myself, but if I had a time machine, I would go back in time and change everything and wipe the day I met Kunle , my life would be different.

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