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How to arrange your next interview



There are things we do that train us unconsciously.

When I say unconsciously, I mean that these trainings can go on without us realizing it, but of course, if necessary, it appears.


I just got an interview with a financial institution and I feel good.

Although I did not get the job, there is no guarantee that I will do it, but the feeling that I answered correctly is unmatched.

Two years ago I would never have wanted to attend interviews, the fear alone is enough to make me pee.

Every time I did, I usually did not sound so good.

But on this occasion it was so seamless that it came to a point that one of the interviewers had to stop asking questions and started treating me like we were a colleague.

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How did I transition from a scared, kind person to a confident person I could answer?


Yes growth and then grace.

Did you see what I did there?


I meet a lot of people who think they can just pray or want to be things without working for it.

The success you are looking for has not yet seen the true version of you that can handle it (paraphrasing Apst. Joshua Selman’s quote).

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Although grace can increase you, your growth must be the same as the level you seek, otherwise you will be diminished.

Personally, I have grown myself unconsciously and consciously and of course I still do.

I attended free and paid classes, asked questions, read books and articles, and now bore fruit.

If you want to achieve predictable and deliberate success next year or achieve your goals, you need to do the thing consistently, .

Attend the WhatsApp classes you know you need, pay for conferences, seminars, etc. Attend that will build your network and extend your net worth.

Whether you already have a job or are looking for one or a business owner, .

❗: It’s not a message that gives you tips on how to bait interviews, it’s one that tells you how to achieve your life goals.

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The headline was just for you to read.

Compliments of the season.

By Anthony Chukwubuikem Madumere

Anthony Chukwubuikem Madumere

Let Us Know How You Feel ....😊
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