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I contracted COVID-19 with Rudeboy and passed it on to my wife – Jude Okoye.

Music Manager Jude Okoye who recently defeated Coronavirus infects his wife, Ify, revealed how he got it.

His wife had earlier shared a video on her Instagram account showing her being put on oxygen after contracting Coronavirus.

The former beauty queen wrote the caption for the video ‘Surviving COVID’.

In an exclusive conversation with The PUNCH by phone, her husband, Jude, revealed that she contracted the virus from him despite all the preventative measures he had instituted.

He further allayed the fears of his friends and fans because he said his wife was doing well.

‘My wife responds to treatment, but I would not really say treatment because COVID can not be cured. She responds to the symptom she is getting. We got it about the same time; I got it and she got it from me. It was just a day gap before she got it from me.

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‘She’s self-isolating at home. Everyone is doing well, including the children; it is only for my wife that she has recovered but she has this symptom after recovery. That’s what’s going on. Everyone is doing well, even if everyone in my family has managed it. Me, my wife, kids, babysitter, everyone got the virus. ”

Jude said he believes he contracted the virus from his popular brother, Paul Okoye, called Rudeboy.

He further stressed that he was trying his best not to catch the virus, but “it only takes one person to infect the whole family.”

‘There’s nothing I did not do to not get the virus; I distanced myself socially, I stopped going out, I had hand sanitizers everywhere and wore a face mask. The fact that you have a cook who would go to the market and return only takes one person to bring it and pass it on to the whole family. Just do your best, because at the end of the day, what will happen will happen.

‘I believe I got the virus from Rudeboy because we usually sit together most of the time and it’s him who goes for promotions. Somehow I believe I got it from him because I did not go out. ‘

The CEO of the music said how the symptoms started, that he started to feel pain in his whole body while his brother also got sick.

Jude said: ‘I woke up one weekend and felt bad everywhere with pains. I thought it was my AC that was too much, but my wife called Rudeboy. He asked if our doctor could come to his place because he has malaria. He was advised to do a COVID test because we could not get sick at the same time. The doctor came to do a test and it was positive.

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He continued: ‘I isolated myself for about two days and after that my wife started complaining. I called the same doctor to test everyone in the house and everyone was positively confirmed. The funny part of the whole thing is that, except for me, my wife and one of the babysitters, everyone felt good. No one complained, especially the children because they were very active. They showed no symptoms; they were active and agile. ”

Now he is negatively certified by his doctors. “The doctor confirmed me negative, but I will take my whole family for another test next week to make sure we are all COVID-19 negative,” he said.

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