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‘I was in the bloodstream and hoping for help’ – a Nigerian man recalls meeting a man who saved his life after a robbery attack 25 years ago


A Nigerian man, identified as Ahangba Angweh Fidelis, has reunited with a man, Samuel Akaazua, who saved his life after being attacked by an armed robber twenty-five years ago.


Fidelis, from the state of Nasarawa, revealed that after the armed robber attacked him in 1996, he almost lost his life when he was in a pool of blood, when Samuel appeared on the scene, scared the robber away and took him to rushed to the hospital.

A few weeks ago, Fidelis traveled to the town of Akaazua to appreciate him for saving his life 25 years ago, and it is interesting that both men are now connected, as Akaazua’s younger brother is married to Fidelis’ younger sister.

When he went to Facebook to share his story, he wrote,

‘It was in mid-June 1996 when I was attacked by an armed robber along Akaazua-Mede Street, who stabbed me in the lower jaw and other parts of my body with the aim of weakening or even killing me. make so he could steal. my bike, it happened between 4pm.

‘I was in the pool of my blood and hoping for help, because the road was a bit lonely, meanwhile the devil took over my bike, but the wire supplying the current to the plug was unfortunately removed for him. with my bloody body, but he did not notice it, so he was kicking the bike and thinking it would come alive, but it did not, not long ago I saw a man on a Yamaha Mate 90-bike comes to the scene, few know that he was the angel God sent to come and save me, when the bike came closer, look, it was a familiar face, a man who visited our family home, it was Mr. Samuel Akaazua, also known as Akamuku, it was his arrival and the role he played that scared the thief who eventually took to his heels.

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‘The man on the black vest in the attached images is the person I’m talking about, the man God saved my life when I just left high school. I tracked him down to his town a few weeks ago after more than 25 years of appearance, and the reason for the visit was just to say thank you to him, the purpose was to appreciate him, meanwhile he also told me that he also asked of me, what I thought would be a short and secret visit semi party where almost the whole town was invited, he bought drinks and we all celebrated, he was indeed so excited that I saw me.

‘It’s very important for us to remember people who were there for us in our low moments. It’s good to show appreciation. It is heavenly if you have a heart of gratitude. It does a lot for you, angbian vesen Samuel Akaazua sir, I still owe you and God himself will reward you a lot for saving the life of an innocent boy who is now a grown man once.

‘Life has a way of bringing us together too. Today, my immediate younger sister is married to mr. Samuel Akaazua’s younger brother with three children. Is not God wonderful? Today, my relationship with him goes beyond that of a savior and the victim, but what about commitments, we have become one family, that is life for us.

‘While we live, we need to be mindful of how we treat others, how we treat others, tomorrow is longer than yesterday and today. We must always be willing to help or assist where and when we can, alu u ngu wasen ior yo, u ngu wasen ka iyol yough (if you help others, help yourself indirectly). We must be good and we must always be helpful. ”

See photos from the reunion below,


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