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I will be debt free by 2021 – says Wale Jana while paying 76 million to investors

wale Jana
wale Jana


Controversial businessman Wale Jana, who has been called out by investors on social media several times for failing to pay the ROI, has finally started paying up.

The CEO of the Sapphire Group said he had paid 76 million Naira to investors in twelve months.


Popular social media activist Segalink reported the update on his Twitter page as part of an arbitration process between Sapphire Group and its investors and also published the payment list.

He called for calm and urged all investors to stick to the process.

Wale Jana went to his Instagram and wrote:

‘This is a list of payments made to our investors between December 2019 and December 2020.
Altogether 76, 144 150 we would have done more, but for numerous calls on social media and much harassment, this approach does not help the process!

If we could pay 76 million Naira in the midst of the worst recession ever with all the challenges we have faced, what do you think we can do if everyone supports us and prays for us? We will do much more! This year all our investors will be paid and we will be debt free in Jesus name.

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If your name is not on this list, it is not because we took you for granted, you will be paid by the special grace of God this year.

Many thanks to all our investors for their patience. I appreciate you and celebrate you all. ‘

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