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“If my boyfriend cheats on me, I’ll apologize and be a better wife” – says Lady


A South African lady took to her Twitter page to outline the steps she would take to save the situation if her partner cheated on her.


According to the lady, identified as Mothowa Modimo, if her husband cheats on her, it means she did something to make him have a relationship. She then says rather than leave a cheater, she would find the fault in herself and apologize.

Mothowa added that the last step would be for her to be a better woman.

She tweeted;

“When my boyfriend cheats on me, I have to understand that I am missing something that made him cheat. Instead of leaving him for another guy, I need to figure out the fault in myself, apologize to him and be a better women’s trophy

Here’s how some users responded to her tweet,


@katlego_fiesta; I decided to take tweets as jokes to protect my mental health and peace. You want us to talk too much and hate men for things you do / say. Qhubeka and boe !!!

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@ lmmaja34; I remember reading this other tweet and it went like … ‘I kept forgiving him and today I tested positive’. Hope not you become the statistics. Know your own worth and do not compromise on your health and psychological well-being

@BonangayeM; You’re a sweet girl. Do not listen to those who advise you to leave your husband. They do not know what brought you together and how powerful it is when you touch each other. They also think there is someone out there who is not cheating and waiting for you.

@mtambudze; I do not think you will ever, ever, ever be invited to the women’s conference.

@NyeletiMakhubel replied; This is the only way it makes sense. Otherwise – get counseling girl.

@Arrndy; There is a degree of deception where you are foolish. You are the only one trying to make the relationship work. I do not cheat and I believe that there are many like me there, so immediately I make my fool, I am gone. It does not matter how we make each other feel

@sissgugu said; I choose to read it as sarcasm

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