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“I’m not under pressure to get married” – actress, Funmi Awelewa

Funmi Awelewa, a popular Nigerian actress, said she is not under pressure to get married, revealing what she is focusing on.

Awelewa said she rather channeled her energy to build a lasting brand. In an interview with Sunday Scoop, she said:

“There is no pressure to get married. My mother has many grandchildren. Why do I have to hurry myself? I think everyone should just ask for mercy and peace of mind. If one has money, you will be happy.

And if one is happy, you would have peace of mind. Some people are wrongly married because they wanted to please their parents. I can not satisfy my parent and get into the wrong hands. I told myself that I was not interested in an intimate relationship in 2020 and that I did not want to give anyone a chance.

It’s amazing that I did just that. I had many suitors, but I did not want to be distracted. I wanted to do all my energy in my acting and business. I wanted to jump back from my previous misery and was determined to prove non-seers wrong. In my low moments, I heard a lot of ominous remarks, but the way to prove it wrong is to keep going and stay focused.

‘I realized that it’s better for people to consider you proud than for them to know everything about you. I respect my senior colleagues and I have been a good girl so far. I do not chase power, compete or do things for attention. I do not want to be in the news all the time. The most important thing is my peace of mind. I try not to always please people. If you try to attach yourself too much to people, you will lose respect. It’s normal to have a competitive spirit, but I’m not pushing things and I’m not in a hurry to do things. ”

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The actress also noted that some people have abusive marriages due to financial gain. She added,

‘Some women go through abusive marriages because they are not financially stable. Why would you stay in an abusive marriage if you could leave? But because they are financially unfit, do they sometimes endure it for the sake of their children? I am convinced that money is important because it gives one respect. If you do not have money, your talent and creativity will be wasted. Some rich people only attest to people who are rich.

‘I believe money is important, but it does not guarantee happiness. I believe there are some awkward things one would experience if you did not have money. People do not respect one, and sometimes one can be mocked and silenced if one wants to speak.

Without money, nothing can be achieved. There can be no lack of money and be really happy. If one has money, some people will assure someone that they have their back, but if something happens, they will stay away. The only way to help yourself and the people who matter to someone is to be consistent. ”

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