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Juliet Njemanze talks about Actresses sleeping with Movie directors and producers to boost Their Career.

Juliet Njemanze Talks About Actresses Sleeping With Movie Directors

Juliet Njemanze, Nollywood actress and commercial model, has said that she is ashamed to tell people that she is an actress.


According to Juliet Njemanze in a recent interview reported by Kemi Filanii, it is wrong for actresses to sleep with producers and directors to win roles.

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She added;

Each industry has its own problem, but I’ll say the stigma of actresses in Nollywood puts me off. The stigma is crazy that sometimes I’m ashamed to tell someone I’m an actress because people think of you as a prostitute. They believe that you must have slept with directors and producers to get where you are. For me, acting is my life, my career, it is everything and I love it with passion, but people’s impression of the job is really daunting. Another thing that puts me off is the poor pay. The actors don’t get enough money for their work unless they are a superstar. I will not take on a role that leads me to say negative things against God. If it is in the script then you need to take that part out. My relationship with my God is more important than my career. Second, I can’t be naked in a movie, even in Hollywood with a mask. I don’t think getting naked is an option for me.

What’s your take on this.

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