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Man charged with rape by Queency Benna shares his side of the story (video)


Doctor Alaska Obi has denied Nigerian singer Queency Beena’s claims that he raped her.

He posted some of their private chats to aid his defense.


The man who is accused of rape by Queency Benna tells his side of the story

In a series of social media posts today, Queency Benna claimed she was raped by the doctor after she turned down his proposal and the trauma made her suicidal.

According to Queency Beena, she was raped in her hotel room after being tipsy with alcohol.

In her opinion, she wants justice to be served and does not rest until the perpetrator is finally arrested.

The singer said she had no idea the man had bad plans for her after severely declining her proposals for love and only recently decided to accept his invitation to a restaurant.

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He has now come out to deny the allegations when speaking to Ubi Franklin and he has also posted the couples chat.

According to the recently released chat, the singer and the doctor agreed to meet for sex, but the problem arose when he then paid her with a fake transfer.

In the alleged conversation, she told the “inhuman doctor to sleep with a woman in her own hotel room and leave her stuck after an argument”.

Another part of the chat revealed that the Queency allegedly asked Obi for her money, but the money wasn’t sent to her and she threatened to call for him on social media.

Check out the video below.


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