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“Nollywood is full of hatred, envy and jealousy” – actress Chioma Grace revealed


Actress Chioma Grace gave a few reasons why Nollywood is stagnating relative to the music industry without much success.

Chioma Grace

Before outlining her concerns, she turned to the musicians to extend her love to the film industry. In her opinion, there is no love in the industry because of competition, hate, and jealousy.


Chioma Grace

She lamented the fact that everyone wants to be a boss for himself to run a company and not help each other.

Chioma Grace

For them, love remains the unbeatable goal in life, but Nollywood actresses are very concerned about who as the other would get a big Nyash and become trendier than the other.

Read her post below:

Dear music legends in Nigeria, this love you share, can you extend it to Nollywood? Because hate, envy, competition, and jealousy killed us. Nollywood is withdrawing because of too many departments, unions, organizations, etc. NO UNITY, NO LOVE, NO SINCERITY OF PURPOSE! Everyone wants the opportunity to have a smear campaign on the other. The women in Nollywood are so competitive that they care less about love. The goal is whose Nyash overtake the other, or who has an hourglass shape than the other, or which baby is trendier! It’s so terrible that we have put vanity before humanity … Nollywood, we have a lot to learn from the music industry if we have to go far … LOVE remains the unbeatable goal in LIFE.

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