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Personal Cyber ​​Security Alerts on Whats @ pp accounts take over [Video]

The general public is warned about the new strategy that some fraudsters are adapting to scam people.

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It has been revealed that these fraudsters intend to take over WhatsApp accounts from people without their knowledge and use it to defraud their contact list.

This was revealed in an interview on TV3 by a cyber analyst at E-Crime Bureau, identified as Mr. Philemon Hene, who said they had already reported five cases of this scam and would warn the general public about it.


According to Philemon, the fraudsters will send a message via WhatsApp to them saying that you have won some money on a website.

After that, they will ask you to send them a code that appears on your phone so that they can complete the price of the redemption of your prize.

Philemon said this code will allow fraudsters to change your number but gain access to your WhatsApp account as well as your contact list.

He added that if anyone knows that his / her account has been taken over by these fraudsters, you will receive a message indicating that your number is no longer linked to the WhatsApp account.

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Check out the interview below:


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