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The couple’s marriage ends on their marriage receipt because the groom’s people did not receive food


The marriage of a newlyweds allegedly hit the rock yesterday, December 28, during their wedding reception.


According to a marriage guest, who claims to be a member of the bride’s family, the marriage ended at the reception because the groom was upset that his people were not getting food.

The guest who identified Ngozi said on Twitter that after the bride realized that her husband was angry because his family still had to serve food, she wanted to calm him down but shouted at her in the presence of the guest.

Ngozi further revealed that the groom, when he realized what he was doing, went to meet the bride to ask if she would go with him as their families had already divorced after the quarrel.

The angry bride apparently declared that she was no longer interested in the marriage and the groom said the same.

Her tweet reads:

‘Omo the wedding I attended today ended in PREMIUM TEARS. I have never seen such a thing wtf !!!

‘Sooo, the bridegroom was angry because they did not serve food for his people. Then the bride went to comfort him and calm down his next thing. He yells in front of her that she should get out of his sight.

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She left quietly and sat down, and then he came to meet her and asked her if she was still going with him. Bride said she will not marry again, the groom said he will not marry either.

Finally, the bride and groom clashed. Everyone divorced, including bride and groom.

“How will I tell people now that I’m actually part of the bridal family?”


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