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Twitter users clash over power between Asantehene and Ghanaian president

Yesterday, January 7, 2021, was the day on which the President of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Addo-Dankwa Akufo Addo, was sworn in by the Chief Justice because he achieved the highest position of the country.

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The presidency has a lot of power attached to it, but in Ghana power has also been given to the traditional leaders in their various kingdoms who are zealously exercising them.

Twitter was one platform where netizens were debating, which is sometimes unnecessary and controversial.


In recent developments, the inauguration of the president has sparked a heated debate over the platform where users are debating who is more powerful between the president of Ghana and the Asantehene.

A Twitter user started the debate by saying; ‘I do not care who your president is, but I respect and honor Otumfour Osei Tutu II the Asantehene my king more than anyone. I will fight and die for my king, not the president. Long live King Solomon “.

After his tweet, some people disagree with him because they explain why they also think the president is more powerful than the Asantehene. According to one of them, Otumfour’s mandate does not exceed the Ashante kingdom, so the president has more power than he does.

Asantehene is powerful but rules in his kingdom, thus a part of the land. Meanwhile, the president rules the entire country. The president has drawn up rules for the whole country to obey. Asantehene only set rules in his Kingdom. It can only become an outsider if he / she sets foot there, ” another Twitter with the username @ Efua_112 said.

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Check out some tweets below:


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