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Williams Uchemba depressed after honeymoon in Dubai and South Africa


After spending a few days in Dubai and South Africa for his honeymoon, the Nigerian actor, Williams uchemba revealed he was depressed due to Nigeria’s current poor condition.

Williams Uchemba depressed after her honeymoon


Comparing Nigeria to South Africa, the newlywed wondered why a Nigerian would need a visa to visit South Africa despite the fact that Nigeria has the largest economy in Africa.

Williams noted on social media that when a person goes to South Africa, it cannot be said whether you are still in Africa or in Europe.

Williams Uchemba depressed after her honeymoon

Writing further in his state of worry, the actor reflected on what Nigeria’s root cause problem might be.

He wrote, “I woke up really sad and depressed about the state of Nigeria and I’m almost struggling to type this.

Now I have lived in the western world in the past, both UK and US, and when I ask this question I justify my depression with well this is a white man country c thats why they are ahead but why I am really angry in this case is that we are talking about the same continent.

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Williams Uchemba depressed after her honeymoon


Do you know that Nigeria has the largest economy in Africa with a GDP of 398 billion dollars compared to South Africa which is the second largest with 368 billion dollars? Yet Nigeria must apply for a visa to travel to South Africa.

I am 3,500 feet above sea level and I am looking at an African nation that has built its country with its own natural resources, a country where you cannot tell if you are still in Africa or in Europe because of its immense development despite corruption in the country. A country whose main source of income comes from mining and industry. Tourism alone brings in 130 billion ZAR, or about 8.8 billion dollars for the country. In 2016 alone, 16 million tourists visited SA and the number has grown steadily since then. 16 million people and tourism add only 2.8% to their GDP. Even with corruption in their country, leaders continue to steadily develop their industries and sectors.

You may not understand how Nigerians suffer until you travel to other advanced countries and then come back to your home and see how Nigerians have been deprived of the basic amenities of life.

So I ask, other than a bad leadership structure and a lack of vision, what do you think is our problem as a nation? Do you think we achieved independence far too early? Do you think the democratic system of government works in Nigeria and for Nigerians? There is corruption in other countries, why is the corruption in Nigeria so different and so deep that even corrupt nations call us corrupt ?? What do you think is the problem with Nigeria? “

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