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Woman accuses gospel musician, Badejo of rape in Lagos

A gospel musician, Biodun Badejo, popularly known as Jovani, has been charged with rape by his girlfriend.

The unidentified lady, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said she did not have a relationship with him, although the singer expressed his interest in going out with her.

She said: ‘I’m not his girlfriend. I’m just his friend, even though he sometimes talks about going out, but I still have to give him an answer. He is truly a gospel musician but he feels that he is known abroad and not in Nigeria. ‘

The young woman, who is in her twenties, said that she went to buy a new phone with Badejo, and then she remembered that she had to use a laptop, which was her visit to his house in Fagbuyi Street, Ipaja, Lagos. , had to visit. she could use his.

She said: ‘I told him to fetch a cellphone with me on Tuesday around 17:00, so we went there and finished around 18:00. I had to do something with his laptop, and I followed him to his place. Before that time, he went to his mother’s place to get the key. When we arrived at his house, we entered his house, then he pulled off his boxers and I asked him why he was pulling out in my presence. He said he wanted to take a bath, so I started fiddling with my phone while charging the new one.

“He came out of the bathroom with his towel and touched me, but I told him no. Before I knew it was happening, he became aggressive. I begged him, cried seriously, but he was like another person. He grabbed a belt and threatened me. I ran into his bathroom, he pushed me against the wall and asked me to take off my clothes and take a bath.

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“I said no, I even had to lie to him that I had an infection. I told him I had HIV, but he did not listen; he tended to have me at night. I even sat on the extension cabinet and said I would kill myself, but he did not listen. He was still telling me to go to bed. I struggled with him; I even have some bruises on my body. He powerfully had his sense and I screamed but the neighbors did not answer. I do not know why. ”

She said after Badejo had his sense, he opened the door and she ran out.

She said she went to the Ipaja police station to lodge a complaint but that she had to leave because she was not comfortable with the questions the police women asked her.

‘We went to the police station, but I did not like the way they reacted to me, so I did not want to write anything. They asked me funny questions, like: why did I not go to my own family? They asked what I was doing there, so I did not want to go any further with the police thing, and I left. In a way, they blamed me. ‘

The victim said the police officers she met at the station were all female.

She continued, ‘I went to pick up my things at his house this morning: my phone, my shoes and my wig. I left them there the night before when I ran away, and I’m back there this morning to pick them up. I even went to his mom’s house to beg her to tell her son to give me my stuff, so I think she had an idea of ​​what happened, even though I did not tell her the whole story. not. I went to the place, waited outside the gate and he brought them out. I took them and left. He complained that he had to take drugs because I hit him in the face with the phone. ‘

The victim said she was in the Mirabel Center, a reference center for sexual assault, and visited a counselor. She said she was getting better and that she had never had such an experience.

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According to her, Badejo may have done something similar to someone else.

When SaharaReporters contacted the accused, Badejo, he denied the allegation, saying it was not rape but a ‘love affair’.

He claimed that they had sexually agreed and therefore did not understand why it was termed rape.

Badejo said: ‘This is not the way she said it; we had a few chats and it makes it clear that there was a lot going on. She called me to come over and said we should go to my place. We bought hours on her phone. We went to Iyana Ipaja, she bought me food, then she came to my mother’s place. We made it clear we were going to my place, so it was not assault or anything. I have a lot of evidence on my phone (which shows) when we make it clear that we are going to have sex.

‘I did not rape her; she throws a phone at me that strikes the eye. My eye is still red and swollen. She spread my house, it’s just a lover’s fight. I do not know why she calls it rape. It was not rape and it was not an assault. I’m honest with you; she’s my baby, I love her, I love her, but I do not know what made her through. ‘

The mother of the accused also denied the rape charges by saying they were false.

She said the victim was just trying to blackmail her son.

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She said: ‘We have evidence here and I will contact my lawyer if she does not stop blackmailing my son.

‘I’m ready for her, she’s a 419 (cheater); we have all (the) evidence here on WhatsApp. You better warn her. My son just showed interest in her. I even told her I wanted to marry my son to her, but now I can see she’s a 419. I’m not illiterate, I saw her as a responsible lady, but she proved otherwise. ‘

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