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A woman suffering from painful stomach pains has tried to go to the bathroom but ends up giving birth

A first-time mom unknowingly gave birth to her baby in the bathroom after she was rushed to the bathroom to push out a tormenting poop only to realize she was giving birth.

The lady identified as Billie Ward did not know she was in labor. She had been warned that she probably wouldn’t give birth on her due date, so she thought her tummy pains were a false alarm.

She said: “[The day before the birth] I had some pain at 5am. There was nothing too abnormal, but I had been having these pains for a few days.

“I had also booked for an exam that day, but the midwife said ‘oh no, your cervix is ​​not favorable. You have to shorten it and you won’t have your baby on the due date. ‘

“That evening at 6:00 pm I was having period pain, it wasn’t abnormal or anything that worried me.

“I went below at 3.45. I was biting the sofa because I could feel this pain and I honestly thought it was poop.

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The 22-year-old had suffered and strained in the bathroom for about an hour before calling 999 to find she was giving birth.

She said she was shocked, as were her mother Liesa Allcock and her husband Josh, 24. He said they had a “look” and couldn’t see any baby signs.

Billie, of Bridgnorth, Shropshire, said: “At this point, the water hadn’t broken. Every time I pushed, I thought “I don’t know what it was”. I had never had a baby …

“I called 999 at 4.45am, it wasn’t good. I was biting and scratching because I was in so much pain.

“My mum [Liesa Allcock, 45] it had four C-sections, so it had never even had a contraction.

“I said to the woman in the ambulance, ‘I’m not sure, it could be poop. But I’m suffering a lot “.”

The trio remained unsure as Billie’s waters hadn’t broken yet, but they called paramedics.

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The medical team arrived at 5.05am and found Billie on the bathroom floor with her worried mom, before little Arete arrived at 5.10am.

Billie said, “The woman ran up the stairs and said ‘if you give it a push, the baby will be here.’ She gave me gas and air after delivery because my body was in shock, I was shaking.

“Due to the speed at which I went into labor, my waters did not break. My body was not prepared.

“The paramedic just pulled the bag off her. Apparently, it’s lucky enough to have a baby on its due date and still in their pouch.

“The first thing Josh said was ‘I think I need some coffee.’ I think he was so shocked.

“It was like ‘oh my god, what just happened in my bathroom. I’ve been awake for 10 minutes “.”

The full-time student was photographed after giving birth and a paramedic was caring for her on the bathroom floor.

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She has since decided to share the candid shot to help other mothers spot the signs of labor.

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