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“A year of the valley”

Dr. Daniel Olukoya, the founder and general overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM), has unveiled 34 prophecies for the year 2021.

Olukoya, who described 2021 as the ‘Year of Restoration and Revival’, urged Nigerians during Thursday during the Church’s annual crusade to pray because 2021 would be a year of the valley.

According to him, “This is a year of the valley that must be prayerfully approached to achieve desired results.

“The three keys to tackling the valley this year, then, are: the presence of God, aggressive holiness, and aggressive prayers.”

Here are the prophecies below:

1. Is a year in which earnest prayers are needed to confront the fruits of this pandemic. The pandemic is bearing terrible fruit.

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2. Is a year of aggressive involvement of the enemies in violent warfare.

A year of terrible temptations.

A year of deep distress that only the balm of Gilead can solve.

5. It’s going to be a year of strange rebellion and conspiracy.

6. A year in which John will play aggressively at 10:10.

7. Unless we pray very well, structures will crumble and protest.

8. A year of wilderness wandering and wandering. Many will wake up and discover that they have destroyed their lives.

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9. It will be a year of multiple magnified multiple problems.

10. Anyone who comes from a polygamous family should pray very well in 2021, because the effect of the polygamist will be greatly dramatized.

11. Is a year of programmed controversies.

12. A year will have to pray against the wrath of waters.

13. An annual will must pray against foreign environmental disasters.

14. A year of many strange confrontations.

15. It will be a year of strategic inspired battles and wars. The beautiful thing is that all these things can be arrested on the altar of prayer.

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16. Almighty God Himself wants this year to be a year of emotional and spiritual refreshment for those who contribute to it.

17. The hissing and biting of envious children of God will fall back again.

18. Is a year you should look for a divine encounter. You must allow the words of Job 42: 5 to manifest in your life.

19. Is a year of cleansing our house from idols and abominations. Perform a spiritual cleansing of your home.

20. A year is needed to lift up altars and call on the name of the Lord regularly.

21. Is it a year where it pays you out if you do your restitution? If you have a refund, you need to do it quickly.

22. If people come closer to God and pray, it will be a year of multiple appearances.

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23. It is going to be a year in which sacrifices and obedience will be tested, that is, whether you sacrifice to the things of God or not.

24. A year in which you invest your skills and creativity will yield you several dividends.

25. Is a year of the 7 Ds: desire, determination, discipline, discipleship, discernment, salvation and dominion.

26. It will be a year of chastening of the sons and humiliation of the proud.

27. Is it a year to avoid these seven assassins: selfishness, pride, parental disobedience, lack of holiness, unforgiveness, stubbornness, and prayerlessness.

28. It will be a year of mighty miracles for many.

29. This is a year that you must use your gifts to serve the Lord.

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30. For young men and women, it is a year of divine mandate to raise up prophets among the youth.

31. It is also a year in which the Lord will raise up young Esther, both in the public sphere and in the church of God, to leave a beacon.

32. It will be a year of rule over our problems.

33. Is a year of Goshen where the Lord will make a difference between those who serve Him and those who do not serve Him. It is also a year of returning to Bethel to seek the face of God.

34. Is a year in which we must earnestly pray that God will invade our people.

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