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All about Tina Polovina, wife of Josip Ilicic: net worth, age, height, biography

Tina Polovina


Tina Polovina is reportedly the reason Italian Atalanta club Josip Ilicic’s talisman was absent from football.

Since the end of July 2020, Atalanta and Slovenian striker Josip Ilicic have disappeared from where football fans always want him to be on the football field. His absence from the world of football was the result of personal reasons, according to Atalanta statements.


However, viral speculations pointed out that the 32-year-old football star slipped into depression when he caught his wife, Tina Polovina, cheating on him at their marital home in Slovenia.

As the news went viral in the last week of July until the time of this report’s publication, Josip Ilicic nor his representatives had yet to release a statement to debunk the speculation. However, he recently disabled the comments section on his Instagram page in early August due to attacks directed at his wife by his Instagram followers via the comments section.

He recently switched to his Instagram story to share a selfie of himself and his wife that is perceived as a way to announce to the world that he and Tina Polovina are not going through any crisis.

Furthermore, a critical check on his Instagram page showed that Josip Ilicic still retains the photos he took with Tina Polovina. This is rare among celebrities who have a crisis as severe as what the world has been led to believe.

But if the Atalanta star wants the world to think that everything is fine between him and his wife, why has he been away from football at the end of a season which is obviously the best of his career? Why didn’t he come out to set the record straight? Well, by all indications, Ilicic did not come out with an injury; whatever kept him away from football must be as personal as the viral scandal.

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The relationship between Tina Poloviana and Josip Ilicic began in 2009 and they are left together with little or no scandal. The point in the relationship where they married was not known, but it was understood that they had their first child in 2013. They named her Sofia. Their second daughter Victoria was born in 2018.

Ilicic loves Tina so much that the Atalanta champion always dedicates his goals to her in almost all the games he scores. He always does this using his hands to make a “little heart” sign. This means that Ilicic reminded Tina how much he loves her 21 times which is the number of goals he has scored in 34 appearances for Atalanta this season.

The fact that the soccer star scores for Tina could be why he felt pointless to continue playing soccer as reported when he allegedly caught her cheating on him. Whatever happened between the two lovers cost Atalanta the opportunity to have their best striker available for the most important game of the season against Paris Saint Germain on Wednesday.

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