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Anita Joseph fights dirty with follower over her husband, MC Fish

Anita Joseph and husband


Controversial Nollywood actress Anita Joseph and a follower have turned to social media to fight dirt over her husband.

It comes after she shared a video of her and her husband.


Anita Joseph wrote; “E CHOKE 🤣
Ah neeeeee just found this video 😂🤣🤣
My husband will not even let my fans say it is not. ”

He responded to a drunken man in love; “🤣🤣 I remember this day babe wey we wait hours for boat because we want to go to beach 🤣🤣🤣”

Watch the video below:

A fan, Ogie Osagie, who was not cool with the video, commented; “Let your husband still breathe, but chew him like bees and treasure … To whom do you not get a husband?”

Anita Joseph became angry and replied; “Why would I give him breath, he does not complain weld?”

“After you, I go chewing gum, you just want to write, make e like to say, you write move”.

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The fan then commented; “I hear, but I do not speak. Merry Christmas👏”

Answer Anita; “Treat your wife the way you want, do not come here and tell us how to live, maybe you do not talk to you, you are so used to leaving you alone, it is your happiness, it is if you even ‘ get a wife. ”

Ogie said: “Hmm wahala for whom no wedding actress Oga abeg should bow herself, because she does not want to see the way😂”

Answer Anita again; “Let him see the road, will you think you’re biz or you’re just too idle, did we get married to see the road e like saying you’re an idiot? I’m going to block you soon because you have to do not respect. “


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