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Dino Melaye begs God to visit NIGER in Nigeria

Dino Melaye


Popular Nigerian politician Dino Melaye took to social media to beg God to visit Nigeria in anger.

According to the former senator in Kogi, who is concerned about the alarming rate of uncertainty in Nigeria, God must visit Nigeria in his anger and do what only he can do.


Dino Melaye shared the prayer on his Instagram page and wrote:

‘The cemetery is full of people who have to live, but for the colossal and gross incompetence and incompetence of the Apc-led federal government.

Insecurity and pampering of terrorists sent innocent souls to their early graves and wicked people responsible (inside and outside government circles) for their deaths not only being alive, but continuing with boldness in their evil ways.

God!!! Act now !!! Visit Nigeria in your anger and do what only You can do. SDM ”

See reactions from Nigerians below;

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Glow wrote; “God will certainly visit in his anger, but our leaders will come to visit and stay with their families only permanently 🙏🙏🙏”

Jayigbins wrote; “Look who’s talking? If God decides to act now, you will be number one on the list of people to be destroyed !!! You are at the top of the list of people who have completed this country !!! Ole … with your head like decaying palliative care😡😡 ”

Call me off head written; “Dino hopes you will be safe during the visit?”

Gold Wealth wrote: “Do you think it comes from Dino Melaye?”

Olalekan Alabi wrote; Do you think that you would not remove one of the first ten people from our country if God visited Nigeria in anger? Werey! ”


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