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Popular Comedian, Emmanuella Reveals That The House Present Also Belongs to Her Father

Emmanuella Reveals That The House Present Also Belongs to Her Father

Popular comedian Emmanuella Samuel talks about owning the early Christmas present she recently acquired. The 10-year-old reveals that the house not only belongs to her mother, but also to her father.


The young talent became the talk of the town after she announced last week that she would be building her mother a house.

“I built this for you mom. For all the prayers; all the encouragement and support. Mummy, I know you said you want a portable house and this is it. But forgive me because I must complete your mansion for you next year. Don’t worry, it won’t make us go to hell; my super Christmas mummy. I love you,” Emanuella had captured photos of the house in a post on her Instagram account.

There were comments from some social media users who thought the young actress should build a house for her father as well.


However, Emanuella spoke in a Facebook live interview on Monday that the house present also belonged to her father.

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She said, “I wanted to buy another car for my father, but Uncle Mark was now telling me to save more money and build the house I had promised my mother. So I spoke to my manager and they built and furnished the house. See the house now, is it all right?

“If it is for my mother, it is for everyone; It’s for my father too. My father is married to my mother. After all, they live together. “

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Emanuella attributed everything that happened in her life “God’s grace”.

“Everything is God’s grace. I never “experimented”. If God wants to use you, He will use you at the right time. “ she said.

Emanuella’s producer Mark Angel also said in an exclusive interview with journalists that the young actress could afford to build the house.

He said, “Emanuella makes money, so she has money to build what she wants to build. She can afford it. Her management can afford it.”

The 10-year-old stepped into the spotlight with her hilarious skits that she posted on her social media accounts. The award-winning comedian is a multi-brand ambassador.


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