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Humans can not turn into animals – advocacy for alleged witches

The people believe that humans can turn into other animals, has been disproved by the Advocacy for Alleged Witches (AFAW).

According to the coordinator, Leo Igwe, those who commit the concept are wronged and misled.

He noted that the claim that humans can turn into birds or reptiles motivates people to commit atrocities.

Igwe said his response was needed following reports of attacks and killings of witches by witches who allegedly turned into animals to inflict occult damage.

When quoting a newspaper article, he remarked: ‘Charles Thomson, an army corporal, allegedly killed the mother because she was a witch. Thomson claims that the mother turned into a snake at night. Thomson killed her in cold blood. ”

Igwe referred to speculations that suspected witches turn into owls and fly out at night to inflict harm on individuals abroad.

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He added that Nigerians, Ghanaians and other Africans living in Western countries attribute their problems and challenges to suspected witches in their homelands.

AFAW said: ‘Why are there no video recordings of people turning into animals, or vice versa? Why do we always receive information about this transformation as hearsay or as something performed in the past or as features in ‘Africa Magic’ / home movies? Why do we only see published photos of animals and humans before or after the supposed transformation? ‘

The body said traditional priests, Christian and Muslim clergy, charlatans and deceivers promote the faith.

Igwe demanded that those who use the story to deceive and exploit ignorant people should be sanctioned.

He further called for the prosecution of people who killed or abused people who allegedly turned into animals.

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