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Husband marries his girlfriend’s girlfriend after asking him to test her loyalty


It ended in tears for a Nigerian man who asked his friend to help him test the loyalty of his girlfriend as both the “tester” and the “testee” are now happily married.

Husband marries his girlfriend's girlfriend


A lady who shared the story Twitter the trouble started after the said man asked for the help of his friend to help him determine if his girlfriend was faithful.

However, a rapid turn of events caused both of them to fall in love and eventually marry each other.

When she went to her page, the lady told the story in a Twitter thread, ‘It’s only January 2, but wahala does not have the full ground.

My big brother’s friend asked his friend to go after his girlfriend just to see if she would cheat on him. The man agreed and approached the girl, but instead of doing as he said, he told the girl that her boyfriend had sent him.

She took offense and offered friend to the man. They became friends, socialized occasionally and eventually became Inlove. Yesterday was their wedding. The original boyfriend is crying in my house. ”

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