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“If some Nigerian big babies decide to sneak, even some men of God will be affected”



As a comedian, Ali Baba, he shared his sentiments about the recent drama involving business magnate Aliko Dangote.

Information Nigeria remember that a lady, identified as Bea Lewis, revealed that she was dating the richest man in Africa, but he broke her heart to pieces.


Social media was bad after another lady exclaimed Bea Lewis, indicating that she was actually romantically involved with Dangote and that she shared receipts.

On the drama, a Twitter user said she would be so discreet if she went out with a billionaire because she would simply attribute her accomplishments to God.

Ali Baba re-posted the tweet on his Instagram feed and he noted that this is exactly what some people are doing while the fools try to tarnish the image of their sponsors.

According to the comedian, some men of God would be affected if some Nigerian big babies decided to go rogue.

In his words;

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And trust me … this guy and they work a lot as motivational speakers. They just continue to live their quiet lives and achieve things

The foolish people after them are going to put beef and tell him stories. As if it then makes them holy.

The interesting outcome is that the man will not fall … and you are still no angel.

Some people are currently working in organizations that the owner may have gotten her big break from setting up the business, which employed such people, to meet a billionaire.

But she steps out of the relationship, builds a business and goes on. But the olodos, who have no head, will wait there to pay monthly. When it does not come, they start talking about ‘he broke my heart into 3000 pieces’.


There’s a story of one night with the king. Seize your opportunities and fly. If you squander your opportunities, you owe it to yourself. All these post-pity parties are the result of unfiltered thoughts and loose personalities.

I know a lot of people, they got a head start, forgave the pun, and such ladies own real estate, businesses and investments. No drama. But those who get wey do not get the head … after their message on Instagram.

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If some big babies, in this Nigeria, decide to go sneaky … even some men of God are not going to look where they are hiding.

What do I know for sure? Shebi I’m just a comedian ”

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See his post below:

The comedian's post
The comedian’s post

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