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‘It’s not a sin to date a broken man’ – says actress Didi Ekanem


Nollywood actress Didi Ekanem took to her social media platform to warn other women to stop calling men broken.


According to her, it is unacceptable that women have broken men and say that due to their financial situation they will not get close to any of them.

She argued that it is not permanent to be broken and that a broken person can be rich the next moment.

The actress, who also works as a fashion designer, further said if their own mothers marry their broken father, what is the point in mocking and rejecting men who do not have money and refusing to establish any relationship with them

Her post below;

You see this 2021 we are entering so, my fellow sisters, no stupid relationship. Let people date whoever they want to date. If our mothers then did not marry our broken fathers, we would not be here. If you are lucky enough to find a man who cares for you, it is fortunate that you do not have the need to make other women feel that they are unhappy because their fate is different. Money is good, but does not make it a measure of a good relationship. Stop calling men. If they now become armed robbers, you will complain. If they become yahoo sons, you will forbid God, I cannot marry a yahoo son, yet you call them broken. A broken man today gets rich tomorrow. All the rich men you see and hear today were once broken, yet women still married them. It is not a sin to go out with a broken man, stop deceiving young women.

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