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Laura Ikeji calls out popular pharmacy after doing this to her

Laura Ikeji calls through the pharmacy
Laura Ikeji calls through the pharmacy


Popular Influencer and YouTuber Laura Ikeji took to social media to announce the popular Lagos pharmacy, “By Dow Pharmacy”.

According to her, the goods she bought from them had already been opened and after she returned them, they refused to refund or give another one.


Laura Ikeji shared photos and wrote:

‘Hey guys, I never do, but if you have to buy something at this pharmacy, go to @bydowpharmacy to make sure they are not open before you buy it. They do not make returns or refunds. Bought it for my kids and it was already open and I returned but they refused to pay back or to exchange. So be careful out there, what a store. It is on the onikoyi road near the banana island gate. ”

Latasha Ngwube responded to her popular media personality and wrote: ‘This is one of the biggest aspects of Nigeria. Customer service / relationships. There is ALWAYS a better way to solve these things than the way most (I said, most) businesses, big or small, handle the situation. Sorry about that. I would say try Mopheth, but the one in my area started to slacken. ‘

Another follower commented; ‘I had a good experience in a pharmacy in Allen. The drug had a broken seal and was very rusty. I bought it in a hurry and did not suspect anything. They refused to repay or to exchange. I throw the drugs angrily on their counter and leave. SMH😢 ”

Another commented; ‘This is one of the most pharmacy policies a nurse can have, and I work with many pharmacies. The thing here is that you need to check it out before you go out.

Another one wrote; ‘To be honest, sometimes when you open the lid of these supplements for the first time, it can break the seal and make the product look like it was opened before … I work in a pharmacy and have already seen it happens separately. ”

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