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Lola Alao is delighted when Aisha Abimbola’s daughter fully recovers from the operation


Canadian-based actress Lola Alao has shared new photos of late actress Aisha Abimbola’s daughter, Keji, showing she is now fully recovered from the surgery she underwent months ago.

Kemi Filani News reports that following the death of actress Aisha Abimbola in Canada after battling cancer in 2018, her colleague and dear friend Lola Alao took over custody of the two children she left behind.


When Lola Alao talked about Keji’s operation months ago, she said, “Life is better here, even though Keji, as you can see, still uses a helmet. She had surgery a few months ago and is still using a helmet to heal quickly.

It all started as a joke when she was due to go to school that morning but she had a headache and I thought it was a minor matter before we knew what was happening. We found that it was serious. She was in the hospital for months to have an operation and I had to stop working for months to take care of her.

Thank God she is fine, she was treated free of charge despite the operation. Imagine all of that in Nigeria and the amount that is needed. In all honesty, God was really faithful. The Canadian government is the best. “

In the new photos shared today, Keji can no longer be seen wearing a helmet, which means she has made a full recovery.

Earlier this month, Lola Alao assured fans of family members of her late colleague Aisha Abimbola that their children are in safe hands with her

Ms. Alao announced that she was still visiting Aisha’s grave with the children of the deceased.

She said, “It has been two years since Aisha died, but she spent a lot of time with her children and had prepared her mind about what life would be like if she were no more. I made it my duty to always fill the void as her mother and try to do things that Aisha would have done for her. We still visit her grave and talk about her lovingly. I treat Aishas and my children equally. If I wasn’t responsible for her, I would have refused Aisha’s request when she asked me to take the coat. But since I had assured Aisha (that I would take care of her children), I have to stand by what I promised her.

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“Some people feel that I should officially adopt the children, but I already consider them mine. There are some relationships that are as good as consanguineous. They will always be their father’s children, I’m only there as their guardian. “

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