Nigerian singer Banky W has revealed that marrying Adesua Etomi was the second best decision he has ever made in his life.


Banky made the claims in a post on Instagram as he celebrated his third wedding anniversary.

According to him, while their marriage was not all perfect, it was the best because they made the decision to put God as their foundation.

“Three years ago, Susu and I decided to love each other forever. But the only reason that is forever possible is that we made the decision to make God our foundation. And while a foundation is the part of the house that people don’t see, it’s by far the most important.

“Because you can repair cracks in the walls, renovate the rooms and repaint the halls, but you can’t get the foundation wrong if you want the chance that the house will stand at all. The structural integrity of a home requires a foundation that is designed to last.

“I recently heard a pastor say that love cannot keep a marriage going. He said it takes God and commitment. I think maybe he had a misunderstanding about what love really means.

“God is love and love is obligation. Without both, it certainly isn’t love and it definitely won’t work. People sometimes think that Susu led me to God.

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But it’s not true. God led me to Susu. And he held us through everything.

“Marrying Adesua Etomi is the second best decision I’ve made in my adult life. The best thing was to dedicate my life to Christ again.

“Susu, I am thankful for you and thankful for you. You are everything I want and much more than I deserve. You mean the world to me and I intend to spend the rest of my life proving it. I love you now more than ever. “

He said.