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Mother of molested Deeper Life schoolboy makes clear, speaks at the request of lawyers

Deborah Okezie, mother of Don Davis, the boy who was allegedly molested by some students at Deeper Life High School in Uyo, the capital of Akwa Ibom, responded on Saturday, January 2, to several reports claiming his N100 million as’ n eis eis. compensation for the inhuman acts her child committed at school.

Deborah, while updating in a lengthy video on the matter, confirmed that advocates of Eagle-Eyes Network Chambers represented her, but she did not ask them to institute the N100m claim in the letter her lawyer sent to the principal. directed. of the school, entitled “Gross child abuse, tangible molestation, serial bullying, criminal hunger, malicious repression and dubious abuse of master Don-Davies Archibong (11 years old) by the principal and walk-in teacher, of the deeper life secondary school, Uyo. ”

While distancing herself from the compensation, she said her lawyers may think the claim is a way to find justice.

‘Thank you Nigerians, I did not claim any N100m. Maybe that’s the way the lawyer knows how to proceed, but I want to open my mouth to make such a claim, ‘she said.

She further said for the writing of the school what she said to the lawyers, adding that she only asked for justice for her son.

‘Before God and his elect, I did not tell a lawyer to fetch N100m,

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‘All I told lawyer was that I wanted justice for Don Davis. If justice is the way to do it, I do not know,

‘I’m not the kind who would eat and deny that she ate. I did not tell a lawyer to fetch N100m, I am a woman from Igbo and if I am asked to file a complaint, I know what to post,

‘It’s not about asking for N100m. If you ask me to claim damages, I know what to ask for. ‘ She said.

She further talked about her financial status and revealed that she is not money hungry because she is not lazy and that she is a good businesswoman who is able to make money from almost any business, and no threat can make her financially do not destroy.

In another section of the video, she also repeated why she prefers to get justice rather than raise N100m;

‘Before you write rubbish about me, I’m trying to fix it. I’m not a lazy woman. If you ask me to file charges, I’m not calling N100 million, I know the money’s worth it,

“If Kumuyi is molested, he will not be who he is today. I know Kumuyi is worth billions of naira, but I will not sell my child, I want justice for my son.” She said.

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She eventually asked Nigerians to disregard reports of her claim for compensation, despite acknowledging and insinuating to her lawyers that their claim for compensation might be preferable in the case.

‘If you’re seeing a nonsense report on claims, remember that I, Deborah, want justice for Don Davis, and justice for other children.

‘If there’s something lawyers write and people see that’s not good, tell me, I’m a market woman, I do not know everything.

“All I want is justice for Don Davis. I did not make a claim for N100 million. If I want to ask for money, my request will shake Kumuyi’s head ‘. She said.

INSIDE NIGERIA has scrapped several sections dealing with the alleged claims for N100m compensation from her responses, see below;

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