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“My girlfriend I wanted to introduce broke me from the heart of the N10k”


A Nigerian man has been left sad after his girlfriend he wants to propose to this year broke up with him over the N10k.

My girlfriend I wanted to introduce


He further wrote Twitter, ‘My girlfriend I want to introduce this year just broke up with me because she asked me for # 10k to bend over on January 1st and I did not send her. Wow! Seriously do not see !! 💔💔 ”

As expected, reactions followed the position as netizens went to the platform to share their views. While some complained to the lady because she was materialistic, others complained to the man about his inability to afford N10,000 for his girlfriend.

@ Able_06 wrote, “I’m so happy for her. She just did the right thing. If you can not afford 10,000 for flexibility in a relationship, I wonder if you can afford vacation or a wardrobe in marriage. Please take me. find someone who can drive and persevere if you deprive small things ”

@Uche_Kalu commented, ‘Omo if my girlfriend is breaking up with me due to even 1 million naira money at this point, I wish good luck to whoever she ends up with, let alone another 10k. Sorry brother, in my opinion you escaped a bullet. ‘

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