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Nigerian banker dies after discovering his children are not his


Lawyer and political analyst Bolanle Cole, also known as TD Cole Esq, told the moving story of how a Nigerian banker died after discovering that the two children from his marriage were not actually his.

Nigerian banker dies after discovering his children are not his


According to the story attributed by TD Cole to Rita Ebiuwa, the 45-year-old man identified as Tunde Thomas died of grief after discovering that his wife’s boss was actually the biological father of his two children.

The story gave further details about the alleged relationship.

See full story below;

Tunde Thomas (aka Tunde Gentle) (45) died of grief about two weeks ago. The two children from his marriage are indeed the father of a man without conscience or conscience, the current managing director of FCMB, Adam Nuru, who was his wife’s boss (MD) in FCMB. Tunde’s wife, Moyo Thomas (No Ojo), a useless and unscrupulous adulterer, was engaged in an office romance with her managing director, a relationship known throughout the organization because of the lack of shame and decor in both lovebirds. carried along and to be careful of the wind.
FCMB, an organization without proper rules or management, looked the other way while the open and unprofessional romance was going on between the managing director and a subordinate staff of the same organization, a married woman.

The managing director, Adam Nuru, who was supposed to be the chief government official and chief sculptor of FCMB, did not spare the mind of the man of this lady who raised his (Nuru) two children while he thought they is his. Nor did he think of the organization he led while engaged in this filthy conduct, the scandal with which no ethical organization wants to associate.
Tunde was so in love with and attached to his wife and children that he spent most of his resources on it. He took their holidays to London and Dubai. He also spared no penny to place them in the best schools. At the height of the shameful relationship and when the older child was about eight (cool years old) the lady suddenly resigned from FCMB and traveled with the two children to the US, apparently This was when the school session started in Nigeria and the children did not return is not, that Tunde starts asking questions and the lady finally summoned the shameless courage to say that the children are not his.

She then applied for asylum in the United States on the grounds of marital violence in Nigeria, against a man who knows all men by his gentle and comfortable nature. Her goal was to get the Green Card and to have Tunde banned from entering the US as well, so that she would not have to confront him to look him in the eye and tell him the evil she was doing to him. do not have.
Within a few months of hearing this news, Tunde had a stroke about 42 years old. He regularly shed tears from the blues.

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Recently, he tried to pick up the pieces of his life and started another relationship with a lawyer. Tunde invited some friends to accompany him to visit the woman’s parents on December 26. They were planning to take the material with them for the visit, but alas, it did not have to be. Tunde came home from work on the night of December 15, only to fall into his stairwell and die immediately. The autopsy report states the cause of death as heart failure.

The wicked souls, Adam Nuru and Moyo Ojo (later Moyo Thomas), suffered their worst, the death of an innocent man, and their hands dripped from his blood.

God will demand it of them.

In the meantime, the family and friends of Tunde Thomas (aka Tunde Gentle) want to bring this shameful behavior to the knowledge of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), the board and management of FCMB and members of the public.
We use this medium to appeal to FCMB to immediately separate and detach the brand from this evil man, Adam Nuru. If this notice is ignored and Adam Nuru is at his desk for another two weeks from 30 December 2020, we will have no choice but to vehemently draw the public to the abysmal lack of ethics in the organization and around the members of the public. to withdraw their funds and banking businesses from FCMB.
One word is enough for the wise.

N: B Tunde Gentle was buried on 30 December 2020.
He worked at Oceanic Bank during those days. He was one of the gentle and kindest people, as many of him would testify.

He passed away as an executive director in an asset management business, GDL Asset Management Company Ltd.

He was survived by an elderly mother and siblings.

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May his truly tender soul rest in complete peace.

Credit Rita Ebiuwa

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